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The audio preview of Larendriel- The Prince and The Enchantress (The Extended Edition) will be available on my you tube channel. SOON

Larendriel- The Prince and The Enchantress (The Extended Edition)  will soon be available in these formats.
If you want to learn more about the series or other books I've written go to the page or website by going to the links page.

Site Rules

These are the rules on my website. Those who do not follow these rules will be blocked.

1. No Bitching Allowed

2. If you haven't read the book (One page, sentence or paragraph don't count) Keep your mouth shut.

3. No intentionally being rude to any members.

4. Keep all conversations on the Forms or in messages.

5. No starting arguments

6. No intentionally being Rude (rude comments will be deleted others will be deleted after one or more spam marks my other members)



Page updates- Upcoming Work, Vampires Trilogy removed, 

Page updates- The Akahvin Series, Vampires Trilogy, The Black Rose Series.

Resident Evil Black Star- will be released on for free download when completed. Part of Chapter one will be released on Facebook and placed on the Resident Evil Stories page. 

Vampires Book 2 and 3 may not happen???

All release dates have been put on hold.

Daily Quotes will continue in May.


New Pics in The Akahvin Series Album


Resident Evil Stories has been updated  

New Pages


Black Rose- Hero's

Black Rose- Villeins  coming soon 

Past Updates 

After a lot of research into the former names of some of my names for the continents of Frell for the Akahvin series i found that is was perfectly legal to use those names i had chosen so don't be surprised if i bring them back later on. As long as i don't use any aspects of there story WHICH I WONT CAUSE IT SUCKS I am not doing anything wrong.

The Ghost Hollow Winner will be announced later on. I had some trouble with receiving the book. so when i get it i will anounce the winner and send it out.

The Akahvin Series is a really big project. When I said Akahvin was big i meant it. The full map of Akahvin is not completed yet believe it or not there will be three to four part of the map itself. 

The Lore of Akahvin will be put up as i complete it on The Akahvin site then i am sure someone will update the wiki. I am currently working on book 3 In Silence, The History of Akahvin, Black Rose V3: Shadowharth, Vampire's Book 2 and Resident Evil Black Star. I'm going to be very busy so don't freak out if i don't update as much as i used to.

Resident Evil Black Star- will be released on for free download when completed. A small sample will be released on facebook in October not sure when just in October so keep an eye out.

Akahvin Lore

Has been UPDATED . So go check it out.  The is a link on The Links page. 

Larendriel: The Prince and The Enchantress

The Akahvin Series Larendriel: The Prince and The Enchantress price decline. This is only in The U.S. Each country is different. If you are buying on Amazon it won't be changed for six to eight weeks.
Paperback $17.50
Hardcover $25.15
Don't forget to look for The Special Extended Edition this December. The Special Edition will include The Original and Extended Preface, Deleted Scenes, a complete history of Larendriel as well as a Special look at Kandrakar: In Silence and more. 

Larendriel: The Prince and The Enchantress Special Edition 

The Akahvin Series Larendriel: The Prince and The Enchantress Special Edition Coming soon. The Special Edition will include an Extended Preface, Deleted Scenes, a complete history of Larendriel as well as a Special look at Kandrakar: In Silence and more. Look for it in June 2017 in these formats





The Guestbook is for guest, IT IS NOT FOR DISCUSSIONS, Missus of it will be deleted. All discussions need to be kept to the Forums if something is not there create a new one. Anything rude or intended to start a fight will be deleted.
I've been asked if its alright to coment on pictures. yes it is but the same rules apply. 

Black Rose Volume 2

The release of Black Rose book 2 has been placed on hold as will any other release I had planed for this. I'll update on this matter soon.

Nightwolf Volume 1: Spirit Wolf 

The wolf is an animal that protects its own. Legends tell of an Indian Warrior worthy of possessing the spirit wolf and its powers. But only one can posses the wolf and take on a grate responsibility of protecting the tribe. What remains of the old Chumash Tribe will come a warrior destined for greatness. Unfortunately the dark past prevents some of the tribe members from moving on into the twenty first century. Mikasi Nashoba is about to find out what it means to finally let go of past anger.

Coming soon. 

A New Character for Black Rose Book 4

Aislinn Fee- I don't know how to kill this person yet but it will be truly horrible. 

Bethesda Studios Say's  

Over the last few month's i have been talking with Bethesda about my up coming series The Akahvin Series. I'm sure they have looked into everything. I was contacted recently and i can say before and after I changed things no copyright laws were violated because neither story is in the least bit close to each other. So now those who had something to complain about no longer do so leave me the hell alone and stop criticizing what you clearly haven't read. 

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