Side Novels 

Here is a list of novel not apart of the main series but have a part in the History of Akahvin. These are not the true order of these novels. 

The Dragonslayer's saga 
Many Dragonslayer's have come and gone read about there lives and learn what others don't know.

The Dragon Woman
She is deadly and vengeance is on her mind. She is mentioned in Kandrakar: In Silence, The Keepers Rescue, Ice Embrace, 
Valkyrie: Trials of Man and Valkyrie: Dragon Hearts. Learn about the girl dragon who was born in mortal from.

The Keeper's Rescue
The Keeper of Silas has a new and dangerous mission. Rescue one of her own from The Krystal Mine Prison in Valkyrie. Is it as bad as everyone says it is or is it worse. She will find out the hard way. 

Ice Embrace
Malakite The God of Ice is searching for a bride his ways are cruel but only the best will satisfy this god.

Calling The Darkness
Nikahla is the daughter of Daeheart. her immortal journey began with her mothers death. Follow her throughout history of Frell and beyond.

Trail of Death
The Kahjiit must leave Harrakire in order to survive follow one Kahjiit as he watches his loved ones die while leaving The biggest province on Frell. 

The Princess and The Dragon
A historical book found in every library and bookstore on Akahvin. Learn about The Princess of Valkyrie and her dragon companion during The War of Dragons.

The Immortal's 
The immortals of Akahvin are powerful and deadly. Find out more about The Enchantress, The Sorceress, The Seer, The Mystic and many more.

Zerra the Dragon Queen
The Woman known by many names but is most known for being the mother of the three youngest gods Krin, Harley and Zeferon. Her time is at hand rode to power strikes fear into Mortals and Gods. 

Divine Knights
These Knights want to be the champions of the gods. A feat not easily done they must go to every shrine in, every city, on every continent on Akahvin. Something that could take years if it doesn't kill them.
More to come.....

The Akavin Series

Here's a full list of the series. Just so Everyone know's some titles may be pending but this is how they stand right now.

Residing in Frell 

Book 1

The Akahvin Series Larendriel: The Prince and The Enchantress (Out Now)

Book 2

The Akahvin Series Larendriel: Annihilation 

Book 3

The Akahvin Series: Kandrakar: In Silence  

Book 4

The Akahvin Series: Kandrakar: Conquer 

Book 5

The Akavin Series: Niarra: Blood Wars

Book 6

The Akahvin Series: Zorya: Three King's

Book 7

The Akahvin Series: Meridian-Divine Eternal

Book 8

The Akahvin Series: Alzora: Black Fire

Book 9

The Akahvin Series: Ravensheart: True Warriors

Book 10

The Akahvin Series: Elveswood: Beautiful Souls 

Book 11

The Akahvin Series: Valkyrie:  Trials of Man 

Book 12

The Akahvin Series: Valkyrie: Dragon Hearts

Book 13

The Akahvin Series: Valkyrie: Freedom Fight

Clash of The Gods (Akahvin & The Elder Scrolls Crosover) Will be Relesed No matter what.

Other Contents (May not be in this order)

The Akavin Series: Inkanna 

The Akavin Series: Danmore

The Akavin Series: Dagon

The Akavin Series: Orcshire

The Akavin Series: Nordkah

The Akavin Series: Likiri

Summery For Akahvin Book 1

Larendriel one of nine provinces of Frell. A young Prince must discover what truly happened over a hundred years ago in the Battle of Frell so he can prevent it from happening again. First he must seek out a young Enchantress, she alone is more powerful then the mage's, witches, warlocks and wizards. He must convince her to help him which will prove to be a challenge.

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