Dark Hero's

Black Rose is the first Series in The Dark Hero's saga, Other Series include Nightwolf, Quickblade, Shiquan, Shadow, and more will come. 

Things You Didn't Know!

Black Rose started out a Justice League FanFic years ago. The Original fanfic version had over 5,000 likes, favorites and more the 20,000 views on Quizilla.com. So for those of you who didn't understand why i said she knew the Justice League. But changing it from fanfic to a different story wasn't easy. I changed almost everything, the second book doesn't appear in the fanfic version at all it is why some readers will be shocked when it is released. 

Black Rose Book 1 only has 4 chapters from the fanfic version that were not modified much if at all. (I won't tell you which ones). It was originally supposed to be only 13 chapters. i added the last three chapters so it would flow into the next book.

More will come as more books are released.  


The Black Rose Series 

So far I've planed on Black Rose being a five book series. But there maybe more to come. I'm not sure yet so far five books is all I've planed on. But if my imagination continues to keep up there may be more than five books. I'll let everyone know.

Black Rose

Candice is a sixteen-year-old girl in high school. Though most students think of her as an over achieving nerd because she mostly gets straight A's. There is another side to this young girl. Every day when her Pager goes off she puts on a mask and becomes the young Superhero known as Black Rose.

Black Rose is a young superhero in a City called Ceder Falls. It is one of many City's in The Black Rose Series. More Books of other Superhero's are coming soon. 

Black Rose Book 2: Darkness of A Hero

Book 2 is where Black Rose is  finding out who she truly is and who gave her up for adoption. She meets knew friends and makes new enemy's. Darkness come into light and reviles the unexpected. (completed release date pending 2016 could change.)

Black Rose Book 3: Shadowhearth

A new place with different people and other things not all known. Black Rose is alone in this new world of darkness. Will she make it home? Find out in Black Rose Volume 3: Shadowhearth. (Book still in the writing stage full description will come later on)

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