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Black Rose Volume 1: A Hero Like No Other 

Paperback $17.76, Large print $22.99

Hardcover $25.99

EBook $10.99

Ghost Hollow

Paperback $17.76

Hardcover $25.99

EBook $10.99

The Akahvin Series Larendriel: The Prince and The Enchantress   

Paperbck $25.51

Hardcover $35.99

EBook $10.99


(Please note)

Anything written in RED is Canceled

Anything written in BLUE is coming soon.

Anything written in GREEN has no date of release.

Anything written in PURPLE is a work in progress.

Black Rose Volume 2: Darkness Of A Hero- Released Pending (Completed)

Vampire's: The Awakening (Announced Release date Pending) (Short Preview on My Facebook Page) (Canceled)

The Akahvin Series Larendriel: The Prince and The Enchantress (The Extended Edition)

The Akahvin Series Larendriel: Annihilation - (Completed)

Larendriel Stories Book 1 (Announced)

Black Rose Volume 3: Shadowharth (Announced)

Vampire's: Dark Lover's (Canceled)

Vampire's: Soulless (Canceled)

The Akahvin Series Book 3- Kandrakar: In Silence (Complete)

Resident Evil: Black Star (Announced On Facebook 7/14/14 No Set Release Date) (Still in the writing process.)

Resident Evil-The NGO Nightmare (Announced 7/14/14 No set Release date Still in the writing process.)

Nightwolf (Announced)

Quickblade (Announced) 

Holiday Horrors (Coming Soon)

It's no secret on Facebook the fans are asking for a written book of Resident Evil by me. Right now it is a work in progress I am allowed to wright it but cannot publish it without permission from Capcom which is in the works right now. No matter what i will finish the book weather I will publish it or not is up for debate right now. I will be keeping everyone updated on it.

update 7/14/14

The Fan's are getting what they want after a lot of research because Capcom never got back to me I am going ahead and completing My Resident Evil stories and am going to publish them. 

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